Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You've gotta love a baby....

The world just seems like a better place when you watch a precious little baby sleeping..... Thank-you to our friends Ila and Ryan for letting me "play" with their adorable little baby Henry yesterday. He is not quite a month old and was such a sweet little model! :) I can't wait to take more pics of him as he gets older - maybe next time we can get his big brothers in there with him too!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Conservatory at the Mendel

 Flowers, greenery, humidity.... Oh my.... I  cannot wait for summer, or spring.... Or just a lot less snow!! I was informed by a very wise 6-year-old this morning that Spring doesn't start until March 20th, so I guess I have a few days to go. :) In the meantime, my little Lily-bean and I took a trip to the Mendel Art Gallery and Conservatory and took pictures of their lovely flowers and plants. Being in the conservatory was like being in a tiny little piece of summer heaven... :)

Some people don't like lens flares.... I am not one of them!

I gave Lily her own camera, so she took some great pics as well. After about half an hour, so was bored though.... :)

Fun times... I think I am going to have some future photographers on my hands (Owen loves it too)! :) Thanks for looking!

Love, Marriage, Baby

I saw this idea on Pinterest and just had to do it! I took my pics, then in Picasa added text. I think this is such a sweet idea.
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